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How it Works

There are two different methods for having a wand made. In the wizarding world, “the wand chooses the wizard.” The lore states that wands and wizards often share similar traits and temperaments. Questions I usually ask to determine this are “What’s your Hogwarts/Ilvermorny House?” or “What would be your favorite magical subject?” Other details such as personality type and physical/emotional attributes help narrow down the choice.

The second method is pure choice. Ultimately, you are the customer, and you can pick from what I have to offer! I have a huge variety of wood available. This option also works if you’ve had a wand matched to you via Pottermore, so I can recreate that one, as well.

What to Expect From Me

As the wandmaker, we will thoroughly discuss what you’d like made. I will ask questions about your personality (or the personality of who will be owning this wand) to try and find a perfect match for you! It will also help if you have some styles/designs in mind for your wand. I do not make replicas of Harry Potter film wands (to avoid copyright infringement), but I can appropriate certain elements into yours. The more information you have to offer, the better the process will be. I will send images of your work when I’m at a “finished” point to get your opinion, though if you’d rather it be a surprise, I can do that, too. I will let you know when I intend to ship as well as when I know your tracking number.

The Wood, the Cores, and the Lore

All wand woods and cores have their own properties, making each unique to every user. J.K. Rowling has done several extensive write-ups on Pottermore about wand woods and wand cores, though she does not cover all real species. I have abbreviated her information and do not claim ownership of it, since this information is of her own creation (from actual mythology or not). However, there are many wand woods and cores about which she hasn’t written, and for these I have written my own lore. I based the details of these off of information gathered through The Wood Database website as well as Newt Scamander’s book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I make sure to indicate which information is my own creation and which is borrowed from her.

For further information about my wood selection, please view this diagram.

About the Wands

Each wand is made from real wood using domestic and imported species. If more than one type of wood is desired, I join them together with wood glue or epoxy, depending on the situation. All wands are sanded by hand, not using a lathe. According to established lore in the Harry Potter universe, only certain trees are capable of producing wand-quality wood. In our world, however, I believe virtually any wood can be used. This is mostly due to the fact than many varieties of wood only grow in certain areas of the world, and are therefore much more expensive to buy here in the US. In addition, wand woods which Rowling has mentioned (such as Hazel, Blackthorne, and Vine), are not actually wood species, and are often parts of shrubs or other plants. I can order

While I do have large quantities of lumber stocked for certain species, I do not carry equal amounts of everything. I try to keep everything stocked, though! If you’re curious what all I have, check the link in the section above for a diagram of the species I have used. Or if you see something I don’t have listed, feel free to ask!

Pricing and Payment

$45 per wand

  • Bulk options can be discussed.

  • Each wand comes with its own birth certificate! These certificates are unique to every wand, displaying the wand number, the type(s) of wood used, the wand core, and wand length. In addition, they included a breakdown of the magical properties of the materials used.

$15 for a handmade box to keep wand and birth certificate. Box is padded with foam and lined with fabric.

Wand Displays are available for any amount of wands. They start at $20 for one wand, and bump up $5 per wand. So, a display for three wands would be $30 (20+5+5). Displays are made of maple and are finished with a pickled stain, resulting in a slight-white colored wood.

Any special requests of materials or processes will result in a higher price. We can discuss an appropriate cost if you need something “more,” whatever that may be!

My method on pricing is very similar to how to price artwork. My prices start low, and gradually rise with demand (to a point). These can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete, depending on complexity.

Payment should be made after we have agreed on what you’d like to order. I do this because in the past I have had to chase people for payment. I take Venmo and PayPal, and if you live close enough to me (highly unlikely, but it could happen!) I can do cash or check. I don’t have a way of processing credit cards other than Venmo or PayPal.


I ship when I can, usually via UPS. Shipments inside the US will add $10 to the total, while shipments outside the US will add $20. Larger quantities may constitute higher shipping costs. I pack things with foam and cardboard to keep things as safe as possible in transit.


As I mentioned, it takes a good amount of time to make these. I do work a full time job, which many people don’t realize, in addition to being a practicing artist. I make these as a fun project for enthusiastic people like myself, so I do not rush my work.

  • For custom wand orders (the majority of cases) please allow 3-4 weeks from time you order until the time you get your product. The timeline will be longer if there are multiple wands and/or a wand display is desired.

  • For pre-made wands (I seldom have these), the timeline is much shorter. If you purchase a pre-made wand it should be shipped within 1-2 weeks. Things which would change this time would be if you want a box for the wand and also to print out the birth certificate.


If your order is damaged or ruined in transit, I will reimburse you with new products. I do not do monetary refunds.